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About Us


Learn more about Authentic Gates beginnings...

Founded on a long lineage of carpenters, sawmillers, blacksmiths and engineers, Authentic Gates is a family business specialising in the design and construction of bespoke entrance gates.

In 1999, the founders of Authentic Gates had noticed with concern that the original cross-braced gates, that once characterised many a grand estate, were no longer obtainable and the craft had become a dying trade. A victim of the modern age where traditional values are often sacrificed in exchange for the temporary economy of ' thin hollow tube and weldmesh' gates.

Cheap gates quickly succumb to the rigours of rural life and before long are broken or buckled and rusted. How unlike the original cross-braced gates still working after generations of faithful service!

To prevent the time honed skills from being lost forever, Authentic Gates set about to laboriously study, measure and document as many remaining cross braced gates as possible. A search was made for the old original tradespersons to glean as many of their hard learnt skills as possible and preserve these for future generations.

Buying an Authentic Gate means you are getting quality, guaranteed authenticity and adding real character to your property entrance.

Authentic hardwood gates are handcrafted from seasoned Australian hardwoods sourced from established and sustainable forests. Authentic 'Black-Iron' gates are crafted from Australian steel.

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