At Authentic Gates we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality workmanship and products that are long lasting as well as value for money. Over the years we have come across several frequently asked questions about our genuine timber gates and you can find the answers below.

  • What makes a gate "AUTHENTIC"?

    Only heavy duty galvanised bolts, brackets and hardware are used and good quality strap hinges, gudgeon pins, drop latches or chain.

    • Heavy-duty “square” washers [more clamping surfaces for bolts]
    • Minimum horizontal end grain [angled to shed rain]
    • All timber connections are vertical [self-draining when wet]
    • All nuts, bolts and washers are hot-dip galvanised [no rust problems]
    • Optional “Safe-Nuts” [increased security, no exposed bolt ends]
    • High-durability, full sized timber sections [built to outlast others]
    • You may find the occasional gum-vein, checking, cracks or splinters [indisputable evidence that this is real wood]
    • Hand selected seasoned Australian hardwoods [no “ex-rainforest” imports]
    • Fully bolted structure some screws; never any nails
    • Fully diagonal-bracing [no sagging]
    • Evenly spaced horizontal rails
    • All braces are at correct angles for optimum bracing [no sagging]
  • How long will it take to have my order delivered?

    All our handcrafted gates are made to order and are generally despatched within 6 weeks from receipt of payment. Please allow between 6-8 weeks to receive your order.

    If you have special needs or particular deadline, we will look at our production schedule and do our best to work to your requirements. Please call today if you would like to discuss this further.


  • Do any of the gates include painting?

    Currently we do not offer pre-painting of our products. All our gates are supplied in their raw state ready for oiling, staining or painting. Alternatively you may choose to let them weather naturally to acheive a silvery grey patina.


  • Do you offer a warranty?


    All Timber Gates produced by Authentic Gates not only carry the stamp of true craftsmanship but are also fully supported by a 10 year warranty.


  • Where are Authentic Gates products manufactured?

    All our gates are manufactured here in our own Sydney factory.


  • What timber is used to make these gates?

    When sourcing timber, Authentic Gates selects only the finest and most durable, seasoned Australian Hardwoods. Hand selected from carefully managed and ‘sustained yield’ licensed forests, these timbers are then handcrafted into practical gates of natural beauty.  We only use Class 1 Australian Hardwoods. This has been hand-selected for durability & quality, so you know you’re getting a durable gate made to stand the test of time. We do not use any inferior imported woods.

  • Who will install my gate/s?

    Installation is very simple. If assistance is required, any reputable fencing contractor should be able to help with this.


  • Are these gates weatherproof?

    Because we only use seasoned Australian hardwood, Authentic Gates are naturally weather resistant. We do advise that you oil, stain or paint your gates to ensure you maximise their lifetime 


  • What size posts will i need?

    With heavy hardwood farm gates we recommend hardwood posts at least 150mm thick, treated softwood posts at least 200mm thick.


  • What is the widest single gate I can order? Can I order a custom width?

    Many of our single gate designs are available in individual widths up to a maximum of  3.6m. The Vigneron design is the only design that includes a 3.9m single span.  Any standard gate can be reduced to a smaller custom width at no charge.


  • What do Authentic Gates generally weigh?

    Made from durable Australian hardwood, most driveway gates weigh between 80 to 120kg per gate. 


  • How much will shipping add to my order?

    FREE Shipping in NSW

    • Delivery within NSW is free to our nearest freight or transport depot in your area.
    • Delivery is free direct to site/property in greater Sydney metropolitan area, including out-lying districts.

    Shipping Fees outside NSW

    We can ship to virtually any address in Australia. Delivery outside NSW to our nearest freight or transport depot in your area will incur a flat rate surcharge per order as follows:

    • ACT - $66
    • NT   - $675
    • QLD - $330
    • SA   - $330
    • TAS - $440
    • VIC - $220
    • WA  - $550


  • How do I prevent small animals (dogs, rabbits, chooks, small lambs) getting out under my gate?

    We recommend adding some fine chicken mesh or wire to the bottom of your Authentic Gate after it has been hung to prevent small animals getting in/out underneath the gate. This mesh can be purchased in silver or black, and once hung is barely noticeable, so won’t ruin the look of your gate. This mesh is generally available from most rural supply stores.


  • How do I identify an Authentic Gate?

    All of our gates will have either a printed brand, or a metal badge on them with our logo. 

  • What type of hardware is used in Authentic Gates?

    All of our gate hardware and components are heavy-duty galvanised steel.


  • How are they delivered?

    The gates are already assembled and delivered as a complete gate, with hinge kit & gudgeons, ready for you to hang. Most gates just require a two-man lift to get off the truck.


  • Do you provide Gate Automation?

    Authentic gates does not provide automation services, however many of our clients have automated their Authentic Gates™, all with great success. 

    We have seen almost every type of automation fitted to Authentic Gates™, e.g. ‘hydraulic ram’, ‘worm drive’, ‘crank arm’ etc. 

    All of our gates are suitable for automation by any reputable automation company. This is best arranged after the gates have been installed. 

    We have always found with well hung gates and a quality automation fitted by a professional company with adequate closing stops, the gates will swing close and meet perfectly every time.


  • Do you offer fencing, site work or installation?

    As specialist gate manufacturers, we do not offer fencing, site works or automation, however when ready, we may be able to refer you to other trades who specialize in those fields.


  • Can you make custom gates?

    We also offer fully customized design and style to unique specifications and size. These are quoted individually and are understandably more of an investment than the Country Style range on this website.  These can also include Stud logos or property names incorporated into any combination of timber and steel construction, custom cedar gates, metal gates, wrought iron and steel gates. You can view our custom gate portfolio at Please contact our office with an indication of your preferred type of gates and we will be pleased to assist.


  • Can you make a custom size to fit my opening? 

    Sure! Simply select the size larger and we will shorten it to your desired length. Simply note this on your order or reply with your requirements to your order confirmation email.



For peace of mind knowing that you are buying an authentic timber gate, order yours online with us. Browse our range of wooden gates here.