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The Station Gate - Select your size

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Includes Drop Bolts, Latch Bar, 10 year warranty & Free Delivery to nearest depot in Australia.

Australia's large sheep and cattle stations require wide entries to move the livestock in and out. The best way to close these, yet still retain style and character, is a set of double 'Station Series' gates.

Each individual gate has its own full height drop bolt which allows independent operation. Horse and motorbike riders use the small gate; cars and utes use the large gate; and both gates are opened for trucks and road trains.

When sourcing timber, Authentic Gates selects only the finest and most durable, seasoned Australian Hardwoods. Hand selected from carefully managed and ‘sustained yield’ licensed forests, these timbers are then handcrafted into practical objects of natural beauty.


 **All gates are supplied with natural sawn timber surface, ready to paint, stain or weather. Most of the images shown are from our clients who have added their own property name signage, staining or painting and fencing. These extras are not part of the product offer. **